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Physiatry (Outpatient)


Doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatrists) see a wide variety of people.

MaineGeneral's physiatrists have special training in treating people who have a loss of function.

Loss of function can occur for any number of reasons such as a stroke, amputation or spinal cord injury.

The most common reason people seek the care of a physiatrist is an issue with pain.

Our Approach to Care

Our physiatrists treat the physical problem but also recognize the impact any loss of function can have on the individual and on that person's friends and family.

Physiatrists believe in working as part of a team that may include physical, occupational or speech therapists, psychologists and other physicians.

The focal point of this team is the patient.

Our Training

Our physiatrists are well trained in prescribing physical therapies and medication, as well as performing non-surgical procedures to help restore function.

We are also experts in diagnosing nerve and soft tissue injuries and are well trained in electrodiagnosis (EMGs).

Some physiatrists have additional training in the subspecialty of pain medicine.

These subspecialists commonly use additional non-surgical interventions such as epidural injections, nerve blocks and joint injections, including injections in the spine.

Several of our providers hold federal suboxone licenses and manage suboxone treatment.

For more information, please call (207) 872-4400, option 2. For referrals, please call (207) 872-4228.

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