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MGH Corporate Ethics & Compliance


MaineGeneral Health strives to compassionately deliver health care services and act with integrity in everything it does.

Accordingly, MaineGeneral has established a comprehensive Compliance Program with a chief corporate compliance officer, corporate compliance plan, Code of Ethical Conduct and various policies and procedures.

MaineGeneral Health is committed through training and education to ensuring its employees and business practices conform to the highest standards of ethical conduct and comply with applicable state and federal laws and regulations aimed to prevent and detect fraud and abuse.

Employees, contractors, subcontractors and agents of the MaineGeneral Health system should be aware of the organization's Compliance Program, Code of Ethical Conduct and Fraud and Abuse Compliance Workforce Information and Education Policy (DRA compliant).

Compliance Policies, Procedures & Resources

Contact Us

All Compliance Program documents, policies and procedures are available to contractors, agents and vendors upon request. Requests for compliance-related documents can be made to: 

  • MaineGeneral Health Corporate Ethics & Compliance Department
    Ballard Center, 6 E. Chestnut Street, Augusta, ME 04330
    Phone: (207) 626-4103
    Fax: (207) 621-1124

If you have questions or wish to discuss issues involving ethics and compliance, please call:

  • Denise Gay-Mathisen
    Administrative Director/Chief Compliance Officer
    Phone: (207) 626-4103

Compliance Helpline

MaineGeneral Health also has established an anonymous Compliance Helpline for reporting compliance concerns from employees, patients, contractors, subcontractors and agents.

Compliance Helpline: (207) 621-9350