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Low-Dose CT Scan


An accurate diagnosis is key to any health concern, so you want technology that gives both you and your doctor everything you need.

CT is the diagnostic exam of choice when people are ill or injured, or when a physician suspects a medical problem that is not easily found with a conventional physical exam.

MaineGeneral's low-dose advanced CT systems at the Alfond Center for Health in Augusta and the Thayer Center for Health in Waterville help physicians reach confident diagnoses and provide a higher level of patient care.

This technology allows us to deliver high-quality images that improve our ability to accurately diagnose disease and detect life-threatening illnesses while lowering the radiation patients are exposed to.

Your physician gets outstanding image quality and you, as a patient, get less exposure to radiation for improved safety.

These advanced systems also provide:
  • Low-radiation CT scanning. A technological advancement that allows physicians to immediately lower radiation for exams in patients of all ages. Lowering patient radiation is important to all patients, especially children, women and patients getting a follow-up scan.
  • Coronary CTA. Physicians can capture high-definition images of the entire heart - to assess coronary artery disease - at radiation levels less than the typical average background radiation individuals are exposed to each year.
  • Stroke Assessment and Brain CTA. Once a stroke occurs, it is important for doctors to quickly determine the cause of the stroke and begin treatment.

    Our advanced systems allow physicians to perform 3D CTA neuro and vascular function studies to help determine the best course of treatment.