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Geriatric Care

MaineGeneral's geriatric specialists provide evaluation and treatment of problems that are unique to older people, including:
  • Memory problems
  • Depression
  • Falls and unsteadiness
  • Poor nutrition
  • Problems with self-care
  • Complex chronic medical conditions
Recognizing the need for specialized services, the Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency Program offers doctors special training in geriatric care through a Geriatric Fellowship program.

In addition to this program, all MDFMR residents receive specific training in the care of older adults during their three-year residency.

Our geriatric physicians are closely linked to MaineGeneral's Alzheimer's Care Center in Gardiner and our two long-term care facilities, MaineGeneral Rehabilitation and Long Term at Gray Birch and MaineGeneral Rehabilitation and Long Term Care at Glenridge.

The care of older adults with chronic problems is a highly collaborative process and your primary care provider (PCP) is central to this collaboration.

There are many geriatrics-specific problems which your own PCP can diagnose and treat very well. Maine Dartmouth Geriatric Medicine serves as a comprehensive resource for you.

Your provider may refer you for consultation or may talk with a geriatrician for guidance or to decide if consultation is necessary.