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MaineGeneral Travel Medicine

Welcome to Travel Medicine Services at MaineGeneral's Workplace Health.

Our knowledgeable, highly experienced travel medicine providers offer immunizations and personalized health advice for you in anticipation of your upcoming travel plans.

This includes food and water precautions based on your medical and travel histories and information on how to assemble a traveler's first aid kit for your prospective trip.

We can also provide travel medicine presentations tailored to group itineraries.

MaineGeneral has been designated by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention as a yellow fever vaccine center.


We offer complete traveler's assessment and preventive health education that includes:
  • Education
  • Written materials
  • Food and water precautions
  • Mosquito avoidance
  • Motion sickness
  • Altitude sickness
  • Traveling with chronic illness


The immunizations we provide are based on the traveler's trip itinerary, past immunizations, age and medical history. They include:

Travel Medicine Specialists

An office visit with our travel medicine specialists can help you stay healthy while traveling. They provide you with the knowledge, immunizations and medications that can help you relax and enjoy your trip.

Ken McKenzie, MD

Dr. McKenzie has traveled extensively on volunteer medical missions to numerous developing countries (sometimes with his
family). He has traveled to countries including: the Amazon region of Brazil; the south coast of Haiti; Guyana; Venezuela, on the Island of El Pajal in the Orinoco River Delta; Assam Province of India; and to Myanmar (Burma), in and around Yangon (Rangoon).

Dr. McKenzie has provided travel health consultations to international travelers since 2006.

Susan Cruz, NP

Ms. Cruz, a nurse practitioner, has a Certificate in Travel Health® from the International Society of Travel Medicine. She has also completed the Westchester Course in Travel Medicine. She is an experienced international traveler; has lived in Thailand, the Philipines and Europe; and served on medical teams in Central and South America. Before joining MaineGeneral, she provided travel medicine care and consulting at a major travel medicine clinic in the Washington, DC area and provided care for international travelers at NASA Goddard.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (207) 872-4260 or e-mail travelmed@mainegeneral.org.