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Specialized Services


Our specialized services are provided on an individual and consultative basis after referral by a child's primary care physician.

The family is actively involved through participation in treatment activities and ongoing instruction regarding ways to promote skill development at home.

Services are coordinated with other care providers. Consultation to schools and other agencies is available on a limited basis to:
  • Collaborate on programming

  • Recommend environmental modifications to promote learning

  • Train staff on therapeutic interventions and assist them in obtaining adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, mobility aids and special seating

Pediatric Behavioral Medicine Clinic (PBMC)

  • Available for children ages 3 to 13
  • Comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluation by a psychologist, developmental pediatrician or child psychiatrist.
  • Addresses complex psychological, medical and neurological problems that affect behavior and emotional adjustment or result in problems functioning in family, school or community

Pediatric Psychology & Social Work Services

Pediatric Psychology Services

  • Available for children birth through adolescence
  • Psychological evaluation of emotional, behavioral and social adjustment, cognitive abilities and learning
  • Neuropsychological evaluation through adolescence of neurologically impairing conditions that could adversely affect adaptive function
  • Behavior management
  • Counseling
  • Family-based intervention

Clinical Social Work Services

  • Available for children birth through adolescence
  • Individual and family-based counseling to address child's emotional and behavioral concerns and enhance healthy communication, interaction, coping and problem-solving in home, school and community
  • Assessments and other consultations and counseling

 Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

  • Available for children birth to 13 years
  • Psychopharmacology evaluation and management
  • Medical and developmental follow-up

Pediatric Rapid Evaluation Program

  • Devoted to meeting the medical and psychological needs of children in foster care
  • Children are seen only upon referral by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Developmental Evaluation Clinic (DEC)

  • Available for children from birth through age 7
  • Family-focused, comprehensive developmental evaluation by an interdisciplinary team
  • Addresses concerns regarding development and behavior, including autism

Early Intervention and Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

Speech Therapy Services

  • Available for children birth to 18 years, with primary focus on birth to 7 years
  • Speech and language evaluation and therapy
  • Oral motor and feeding evaluation and treatment

Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

  • Available for children birth to 18 years, with primary focus on birth to 7 years
  • Motor functioning evaluation and treatment for children experiencing delays or for children with disorders that impair motor control, limit mobility, affect sensory processing and reduce participation in self-care and manipulative skills

For more information or help with a concern, please call (207) 623-6500.