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Care Management/Social Services


While being in the hospital can be disruptive and stressful for patients and family members, coming home may present a different set of challenges. MaineGeneral Medical Center's Care Management staff can make it easier to go from hospital to home or to another care setting.

How We Can Help

We are licensed social workers and nurses who are here to help make your hospital stay and discharge as stress-free as possible. We can help you and your family members by:
  • Helping coordinate your care. We work very closely with your care provider(s), nurses and other staff to make sure your care is coordinated. Your team wants to make sure you are involved and kept informed about the care you receive each day, and about the plan for your hospital stay.

  • Explaining what services are covered by insurance. We can help you understand Medicare, MaineCare and many insurance company guidelines for what hospital care may be covered and for how long. This is important because there are differences in coverage for an inpatient stay, a skilled nursing facility and for home care. If we don't know the answer, we will try and find out!

  • Supporting you throughout your hospitalization. Your health care team is here to help and support you. As part of your care, Care Management can provide you with extra support during stressful periods of treatment.

  • Overseeing special discharge arrangements. These include:
    • Home health care (visiting nurses, therapists, social workers, aides, etc.)
    • Durable medical equipment (hospital bed, etc.)
    • Home IVs
    • Respiratory care at home
    • Rehabilitation in an acute rehab or skilled nursing facility
    • Long term care in a nursing or boarding home
    • Other outpatient services and support

Please note that some outpatient services also are available through your primary care provider's office.

Other Services and Benefits

Your care manager can also provide information on a range of non-health care-related resources. These include:
  • Information on ways to help pay for your care
  • Transportation resources
  • Help with the cost of medications
  • Support group information
  • Delivered meals
  • Advocacy help

Contact Us

Call our office to arrange a visit with a member of the Care Management staff. You can also ask your doctor or nurse to contact us at (207) 626-1284.